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We are always asked what is the beneficial difference between metal and shingle roofs and is it worth it to upgrade to a metal roof? Well Today we will go over the top reason’s metal roofs are superior to shingle and why they are well worth the upgrade!

1) Lifespan

The average shingle roofs lifespan maxes out at about 15-20 years. Living in Florida, the heat, sun, and rain take a toll on the shingles and the tar that holds it together thus decreasing their lifespan dramatically.

Metal roofs on the other hand generally last well over 40 years! Other than having a quality roofer install your metal roof, there is not much more maintenance needed to extend the life of your metal roof!

2)  Styles

Usually when someone thinks of metal roofs they think of some tin shack, but this is far from the metal roofs we have today! Metal roofs can come in all different colors and styles! You can even find some that are made to mimic other materials while still having the strength and durability of a metal roof!

3) False Rumors

The average person would assume that buying a shingle roof with a 40 year warranty means that the roof will last 40 years. This is simply untrue. In fact the warranty never claims that the roof will last this long, it simply is a warranty on material defects that aren’t related to normal deterioration.

4) Price

Now on to the big question, the price. Well actually this should probably go into the False Rumors section as well because despite what you may think, metal roofs aren’t that much different in price to shingle roofs! That’s right! The rise in material costs for shingle roofs has in fact brought the price fairly close to that of which it is to build a metal roof!

In the end, metal roofs win! Metal roofs come in plenty of styles to meet whatever architectural design you wish to achieve, they last way longer than shingle roofs and they are much more affordable than you may think. So, when deciding what type of roof you would like for your new home, or if you are replacing an old roof, consider going with a metal roof. It is an investment that could literally last you a lifetime.




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