New Home Builder in Lee County Florida


Thinking about moving down here to Lee County, Florida? There is so much to see and do, you’ll love it. When you move to Lee County, you have reached the Southwestern Coast. It’s rich with beautiful sand and beaches galore.

Families love to come here to visit the beaches and play in the sand. For the more accomplished tourist, he or she likes to visit the mainland of Lee County. The mainland is where you can find the history. There are areas devoted to where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford used to live. In Fort Myers, you have 1920’s styled architecture and tours. There are people dressed up in the 1920’s outfits, putting on a show for the people who come down here. There is the famous historical museum and the Children’s Science Center.


It’s here, at the science center, the kids can flourish and use their imagination. They get to see into space. They also get to play with the dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs. I know I did, as a kid, still do. If you are as fascinated about them as I am, you will love to come and see the exhibits.

The is just the start, with what you can do here in Lee County. Did I also mention the endless blue skies. The wonderful dining and shopping. The sunsets on the ocean. You can’t get any better then this.


If you are thinking about moving down here, you will not regret it. It’s going to be a brand new world for you. You’ll love every second of it. But first, you must decide on a qualified contractor in Lee County Florida. A quality contractor in Lee County Florida might be hard to find. But, not if you know where to look. So where do you look to for a good home builder in Lee County Florida?


Forget what you have heard. Forget what you know about anyone else. Lauren Homes is your go-to person. It doesn’t matter if you are moving down here or are already living here, Lauren is the most qualified. Sorry, I forgot to introduce who we are. We are Lauren Homes. We have worked with all sorts of clients. We didn’t just go to school and learn how to build things. We were out in the trenches doing it. Which makes us the most qualified.

We don’t believe in letting someone else handle the job. We get down and dirty and build it all from scratch. We will take your dreams and make them a reality. We are also skilled in buying and selling homes, too. If you want someone who walks the walk, give us a call. We are here for you.

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