New Home Construction in Fort Myers, FL

New home construction in Fort Myers FL can be an exciting thing. It can also be a giant pain in the butt. When you are involving yourself with construction of this magnitude, anything can go wrong. Anything can go wrong, from the simple to the most complex. Even the most mundane details tend to be overlooked. We are so consumed with the bigger issues, that we sometimes forget about the smaller details. What are some of the smaller details that tend to be overlooked when building a new home?

1) Switches and electrical outlets. How many do you want to have? Where do you want them to be positioned? Things of this nature.

2) Having a convenient laundry room. How easy should the setup be?

3) Will the drains work well? what will happen when there is a clog and how will that effect the entire house?

4) Do you have the space you need. Do your rooms have ample rooms to breathe? How is the hallway setup? Will it need to be redone five months after you move in? The same goes for the other rooms? What safety precautions are you putting into effect.

5) Are you beginning with all new wiring? If so, what kind do you want to use.

The are some of the minor details that home buyers and new home builders think about on a daily basis. Imagine what the major details resemble. In order to take care of all these issues and more, you need a company that is up to the task. You need us.

LAUREN HOMES – Fort Myers, FL New Home Builder

Who are we? We are Lauren Homes. We can fulfill all of your construction needs. We do this all right from day one. We leave no stone unturned. We tackle everything thing that might be on your mind. We are so versed in what we do, we sometimes know your fears and concerns before they are mentioned. Don’t worry about the simple and mundane tasks. We take care of all the details necessary to build your new Fort Myers home.

1) We can take a look at the type of wiring you might be in need of. We won’t just tell you to pick any old system either. We will tell the best option for your new home. We have worked on hundreds of new homes. We know how to make it affordable to the client.

2) We will help you setup your new home in the most affordable way possible. We will design it so you do have ample space in each room.

Here at Lauren Homes we make sure to give our clients the best. There is a reason our clients trust us. We have the experience and the knowledge to back up everything we do. Please fill out the form today and get a free quote. Give us a call and we will gladly set you up with our next available appointment. Choose Lauren Homes. We are the only ones who do it right the first time.

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