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It’s time for another great debate!! Which type of driveway should you go with: a brick pavered driveway or a concrete poured driveway? Well, hopefully after this article you will be able to make your decision!

Let’s start with the cost!

This is kind of a toss up when it comes to the cost of a driveway. It is a bit more expensive to have a brick pavered driveway and this can obviously fluctuate with the size of the driveway, the types of pavers you pick, and what design you would like them placed. Your initial cost for a brick pavered driveway definitely exceeds that of a concrete poured driveway. The part where it is a toss up is the fact that in the long run a brick pavered driveway will likely save you more money compared to a concrete one. This is because, no matter how great of a job you do on a concrete driveway, it will likely wear down and eventually start to crack. This becomes a big problem because then you only have two options: tear it up and pour another one or patch the crack. Patching the crack is dramatically cheaper than pouring an entire new slab but it also leaves unsightly scars in the driveway. Contrarily, when you have a crack or any problems with a brick pavered driveway, you simply replace a few brick and you’re good to go. Additionally, brick pavered driveways are capable to stand up to extreme weather more so than a concrete driveway.

How about the aesthetics??

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people might love the look of a brick pavered driveway while other might grossly attest to it. Although, with that being said, the options to choose from with a brick pavered driveway absolutely crushes that of the options for concrete poured driveways. There all types of colors, sizes, and styles of brick pavers. Also, you can choose from different designs to have the pavers placed on the driveway. The abundance of choices almost ensures that any buyer can find the right choice for them.

But how about the durability?

We touched on the durability of each type of driveway when we were talking about the cost of each. Typically, brick pavered driveways far exceed the lives of concrete poured driveways. The bricks are pretty resistant to any kind of cracking and if there is a problem you just replace the bricks. Whereas, like I mentioned, with a poured concrete driveway you would have to completely re-do the driveway or put a patch on the crack that tends to not look too good.

The final answer!!

In the end, my best answer for you is to ask yourself what are your plans with the house? Are you planning on living there for awhile or would you like to get the most out of your resale value? Well if that’s the case then go with the brick pavers. They will last longer for you to enjoy and they definitely will help your house stand out amongst others in your area if you are selling the house. On the other hand, if you aren’t planning on living the house for too long and you would rather put that initial extra money into something else with the house, then maybe go with the concrete driveway. Both types of driveways come out great and when maintained properly can give you plenty of use. Brick pavered driveways certainly have the edge over concrete poured driveways, but they are not for everyone. Just remember, no matter what type of driveway you want, Lauren Homes can get it done for you! Have a great day!



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