When a Vacant Lot Becomes a Home - Cape Coral Home Builder: Lauren Homes

At the very beginning stages of building a new construction home, it’s kind of hard to visualize the actual structure of the home. You start with clearing and filling the lot. Then you dig your footers and build your stem wall around the perimeter of the house. Then your do your underground plumbing and electric and pour your concrete slab. It’s not until you build the concrete block for the perimeter of the house and lay the trusses for the roof that it actually starts to take shape and you are actually able to start picturing what your new home is going to look like.

We are currently at this stage in the process of one of our Mia model homes in Southwest Cape Coral and we decided to take a quick video to give everyone an insiders look at the first time a new home starts to look like, well, a new home. Enjoy!

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