Building a new house in Cape Coral, FL

Business is booming in Cape Coral. Business has gotten out of control with real estate and new home construction in Cape Coral. People want to move there. They all want a piece of the action. They see how much fun everyone else is having, they want to join in. Who can blame them really?

Cape Coral is filled with a lot of lovely homes. They see the pretty pictures and think to themselves, “Man, I want to have that too.” So they come down here and look for a primary place to set up. Some are looking for something on a permanent level. Others are looking for something to tide them over with, until they find something better. You see the pictures all around you. The pictures make it look so easy. But building a new house in Cape Coral, Fl is hard. We say hard in a general sense. Because it’s not hard to pick out the property and home you want to have. The hard part comes into play when you try to find a company to help you out.

A lot of companies out there want your business, but how many of them will do a good job? How many of them will backup their guarantees, when it comes to building and renovating the home? There aren’t that many, except for one. Which is why you need to come to the only reputable company there is around the Cape Coral area. We are Lauren Homes and we strive to be the best. We strive to be the best and offer our customers the best. What makes us so special?


1) For starters, we talk everything out with our clients beforehand. We get to know each of our clients personally. That is key with us. How can we come into your space and build your new home, when we don’t even know you? There is no way we can do that genuinely. We make it a point to take some time to get to know you. As time moves us on, we can anticipate your everyday needs. We can only afford to do this after getting to know you. Once we have established a relationship, we then get to work on your new home. Or we get to work with building a new addition or renovating your home in some way.

2)We offer you a lot of options. You may have just moved in to an already established house, and you are just looking to add on a few things. We can handle this. You may be looking to completely renovate or build a new home. We will take care of everything. We let you know step-by-step what is going on. We leave nothing out. We are always up front and honest with our clients. We believe in this mentality. Without it, there is no way we could do business.

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