How to find property to build a new home in Lee County Florida

Do you want to know how to find property to build a new home in Lee County Florida? Don’t look any further. The company you need is called Lauren Homes. Their staff is beyond experienced, as well as highly trained.


There are many benefits to choosing Lauren Homes, and I will walk you through some of those benefits right now.

1) Lauren Homes not only has contracting experience, they also have real estate experience. Having both real estate and contracting experience is essential. Lauren Homes knows where you can save money. They can also tell you what the property is really worth in today’s market. When you go to build a new property, you need to know if the property is very hard or soft. Depending on that response, Lauren Homes can let you know if it’s a good place to build or not.

2) Lauren Homes is all about building relationships, right from the start. They like to think of their clients as a family. If the relationship is not there, there is no way you can trust them to handle the construction and development. Lauren Homes knows this. With every client, they go out of their way to establish that trust. They believe very firmly that if the trust is not there, the business won’t be there either.

3) They are equipped to handle and deliver the best possible price to you. They will look over every detail, then deliver a firm quote. This quote is a final offer of what you can expect from them. They won’t proceed without your go-ahead.


They offer a ton of services. Here is just a small sampling of what they can do for you.

1) They can do 2 story additions, adding on extra bedrooms. This is one of their more popular jobs they have done for clients in the past.

2) They can offer home design and remodeling, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. These are the two places that most spend their time. Lauren Homes likes to capitalize on those renovations. They offer sound advice and excellent customer service with the delivery.

3) They can do bathroom additions. They can make changes to the ceilings. When it comes to the property, they can change the elevation. They can either raise or lower, depending on what the client needs or wants.

This is just a sample of what they can do for you. Go online and read some of the testimonials. Take a look at their references. Take note of the galleries. See what they can do with both commercial and residential areas. Lauren Homes is one of the premiere construction and contract companies in Lee County.  Find out for yourself today.

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