How to find a new home contractor in Punta Gorda, FL


Okay, before you go out an hire the next available contractor in Punta Gorda, we have a few suggestions and tips, which might help you.

1) Always look at the history of who you hire. Did the firm complete all of their jobs on time? Did the job happen on or under budget? If any of the answers come with a no, find out why. You wouldn’t hire a plumber without knowing his work ethic first, would you? Same thing with a contractor. You have to know his worth ethic and style.

2) Find out the pricing first. This is one thing that needs to be negotiated once you find someone good to do the job. Never leave the pricing to the end. If you do, they will find ways to gauge you. If you find a firm that tells you, “we will discuss things at the end,” this is not good. As soon as this happens, thank them for their time and show them the door. If you negotiate with someone like this, you are just inviting trouble into your soon-to-be built living room.

3) Always ask for a contract and permits right up front. Some feel they are being too pushy by doing this. You are not being too pushy, you are showing a good business sense. It’s in your best interest to look over the permits and insurance they have. Those who are on up-and-up will have no problem doing this. It’s those who skate by the request you need to worry about.

4) The contract also needs to be written down in plain English and in black and white. In any formal contract, there is no room for the grey area. Everything needs to be spelled out, so there is no miscommunication. The way the firm lays out their contract is a telling sign of what’s to come. There shouldn’t be any loop holes at all, period. If there is, speak on them right away. Never leave a loop hole to chance, especially when it comes to a new home in Fort Myers. When it comes to contracts and real estate, ignorance is not bliss.


Here at Lauren Homes, we pride ourselves on creating the best possible environment for our clients. You are family, so we treat you like family. We go out of our way to give you all the best when it comes to your new home here in Punta Gorda. We draw up everything legally and professionally. We want you to feel pride in what we do. We work for you, not the other way around. Please give us a call today. No question will go unanswered. No topic will be off-limits. Your new home deserves our time and proud worth ethic.

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