How to Find the Right Home Builder in Cape Coral

Finding the right home builder in Cape Coral can be exhausting. You go through the process of a lot of trial and error. You also go through the process of some much needed elimination. If someone is not cutting it on the job, then you need to do what is right.

We would never consciously date someone based on how he or she looks. Well, most of wouldn’t, anyway. Why would you hire someone to do a contracting job based on their physicality? Just because someone appears to be pretty on the outside, doesn’t mean their insides will match up.

Just because they give the impression of a “job well done”, doesn’t mean the job will be well done. There are some things you need to check off the list before you start.


1) Ask around. Talk to friends and family. Keep in mind though, just because someone worked out for them, doesn’t mean they will work out for you. Their budget and the work being done might have been different. You can always look on social media outlets. This might broaden your search. If you join a place like Angie’s List, there will be a minimal fee that comes with it. You could also ask local businesses and other individuals who they choose. Point is, ask around.

2) Come up with a list of questions and begin to interview possible candidates. The interviewing process and the initial phone calls are important. It’s here where you establish the level of comfort with the contractor. If something seems off or they aren’t directly responding to your questions, check them off the list. This is called the “process of elimination.”

3) Never ignore the red flags. These include, but are not limited to:

a) Demanding the cash up front.
b) They sought you out.
c) They don’t have a physical address.

You are looking for value. Good value doesn’t mean lowest price/materials or a rushed job. If you suspect any one of these, lose the person right away.

3) Ask for their references and make the call to each one. Find out how the projects went. Did they get done on time and under budget? Are they reliable? If the references are current, they will be honest with you. If a reference wasn’t happy, find out why. You might have the same thing happen to you too.

4) Always get the final deal in writing. This final deal should have everything on it. The final deal should also include a final payment, upon completion of the job. It’s customary to pay a little up front and then a third in the middle. The last payment shouldn’t come until you are satisfied.

As you finalize papers look over the insurance and liability certificates. Make sure it’s all current. If you notice just one thing out of place, question the contractor. Get it all settled before, not after.

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