Remodel in Cape Coral- Time for Cabinets - Cape Coral Home Builder: Lauren Homes

A lot of people ask if they should put cabinets in before or after tiling the floor.  At 3905 Pelican Blvd in Cape Coral we ripped all the old cabinets out before chipping up all the tile.  We feel the best time to put in cabinets in is after the floors are installed.  We place the cabinets on top of the tile allowing them to be level and without having to cut tile to the cabinets.  This offers a better finished product which our remodel customers in Cape Coral appreciate.

Putting the cabinets in after the floor also allows the customer to change their cabinets in the future if they are going for a different look.  In Cape Coral a few years ago we saw a lot of people putting in dark wood cabinets with their remodels and now the trends seems to be towards the lighter off white colors.  If you put the cabinets in first and tiled to the cabinets when you want to replace the cabinets or the layout you also are going to have to redue the floors to match up.  By doing it the right way the first time it allows much more flexibility and cost savings for change in the future.

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