Remodel your Fort Myers office and Increase Productivity -Lauren Homes - Cape Coral Home Builder: Lauren Homes

Wow what a difference a remodel makes in a office. Not just does it make the office environment more positive it usually has a increased value in sales. We recently remodeled a real estate office in Fort Myers and the new Hip style is really unique. What the broker realized is that a new cooler space will allow him to attract more talented real estate agents in his Fort Myers Office.  More productive agents = better sales numbers and more profits. Agents want to work in the new fresh work space and are proud to bring customers to the office.

The once old building has a new and updated look and has substantially increase the buildings sale value.  The building is now able to produce more rental income to the owner from doing the improvements.  Improving a work space will help increase building vale, rent role,  talent recruitment,  and improve sales performance.   If you are looking for improving or remodeling your location call 239-770-7121 now.

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