Where to build a new home in Cape Coral, FL

When building a home in Lee County FL , or  Charlotte County FL  it is important to understand what type of  foundation your builder is using.  At Lauren Homes we feel that the best type to use for quality solid  foundation is stem wall construction.

A  easy way to explain stem wall is the part of the foundation of a home  between the floor level and ground level.   We make it out of  concrete blocks and it is tied into a solid pour trench that has steel that comes out of the ground and tie the  vertical walls of the structure together.

This helps  establish the buildings foundation integrity. In Florida where we have a softer soil having a stem wall secure the integrity of foundation and slab is important. The stem wall is adhered directly to the slab. The stem wall is  made using cinder blocks that are reinforced with  steel and concrete.  Example below but the exterior stud well with Lauren Homes is replaced by Concrete Block.




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