Where to build a new home in Cape Coral, FL

Do you want to know where to build a new home in Cape Coral Fl.? There are a few choices that you, as the customer have. Lauren Homes works in primarily the following counties.

1) Lee County
2) Charlotte County
3) Collier County

Those who work for Lauren Homes can come out and give you a good estimate, for whatever job you might need them to do. Their staff is very qualified. They have all gone through the proper training. They also know what it’s like to be the customer. They know what the customers expect from their construction companies.

They know because they have been there before. The staff at Lauren Homes pride themselves on treating their clients as they would want to be treated. They will give you a fair estimate, that includes no hidden costs.


1) You can expect excellent financing. Lauren Homes works with a company called Fairview Lending. Through them you can build a new home. You can buy an existing one. You can also remodel the house you have. Whatever renovations or additions you might want to have put on your home, Fairview Lending is there for you. They offer flexible plans. You can call them up for a free quote. They will give you the options that are right for you and your situation. You can call them at 239-829-1543. Or look them up on the web. Getting your free quote is just a click away.

2) Lauren Homes specializes in homeowner warranties. Anytime something from your interior mechanical system breaks down, they will pay for the costs. They will cover the repair or replacement of any item. That is their 100% guarantee to you. So what is covered with this plan?

a) The heating systems
b) The air-conditioning
c) The appliances
d) Electrics and all major plumbing.

Their plans are usually for about 1 year. Lauren Homes also offers a ten year structural plan. When the house is getting ready to close, they will do a walk-through for your benefit. Before you move in, they want to be sure that everything is up to your liking, not to mention standards. They won’t close on anything until they get the authorization from you, as the client.

3) They offer special incentives for investors too. Sometimes investors offer to build and resell the homes that are offered. When this happens, the company offers special deals. Lauren Homes offers protection for it’s investors. Building multiple homes all at once cuts down on the cost.

Lauren Homes can offer so much to both their clients and their investors. If you have a moment, go read some of the reviews. These reviews are from other clients. The reviews serve as a reminder. A reminder of why choosing Lauren Homes as your construction company is a good choice to make. Lauren Home represents value and quality customer service.

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