What exposure should I buy a lot in Cape Coral Florida to Build a Home - Cape Coral Home Builder: Lauren Homes

Buying a great lot to build on in Cape Coral Florida is a very important decision.  Where you put your new home sometimes is as important as the builder you choose,  and we want you to choose Lauren Homes.

Other than picking the right neighborhood, orientation of the sun in regards to the back of your property is very important.  In the real estate world we call this the property “exposure.”   This really is important if you are thinking of building a pool onto your property.

In SW FL the most desirable exposure for sun throughout the day on the rear of property where the pool is located is southern exposure.  Most clients looking to build start by looking for lots with southern exposure.  Southern exposure  makes your home brighter and does not have the mid day direct sun that beams into your house.

Western exposure gets you a lot of sun including the direct sun that will beat into your homes.  You may need to close blinds in late afternoon to deflect the sun and slow the increase in AC needed to cool home.

Northern exposure is a little darker but gets you the morning and some afternoon sun along with eastern exposure. Typically these homes  are a little darker inside.  If you are building  2 story home with a pool you do not want a northern exposure light.  The home will block the pool of sunlight the majority of the day.

Home this helps and makes you aware of some of the thought that go into buying a lot and please let us know if we can help you locate one to build on. 239-770-7121


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