How Do I start a building addition in Cape Coral Florida -Lauren Homes - Cape Coral Home Builder: Lauren Homes

It is always fun and exciting talking with homeowners and hearing their dreams of what they want to transform their home into.  A lot of times the homeowners start to feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start.  There are several things to consider when dreaming up your home addition or remodel.  Below are the 2 most important questions

  1. Will it be allowed by Zoning and Building Regulations?
  2. Is it possible to build the addition on your budget?

The first step is to reach out to Lauren Homes and set a appointment to discuss what your goals are with your addition.  We  do this completely free of charge. We can give you our professional opinion if it is doable (construction related).

The second step after we give you the green light on the construction is to meet with our engineer to go over the building requirements and zoning rules.  You will work directly with the engineer on your plans.  Once the plans are completed we can give you a exact number on the price for constructions.  Often times our final construction bid comes in  lower than the ball park figure.  When working off engineered plans we know exactly what is needed to build.    Don’t get overwhelmed about the addition process.  We can walk you through every step and make your home the way you dreamed it as being.  Call us today- I look forward to speaking with your 239-770-7121 or

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